Elephants Slacklines are in Town!!

Elephants have landed in Singapore !

You must be wondering whats all the hype all about on my Facebook page. What is Elephant slacklines and what is so special about them.

This is the first time Elephants Slacklines sets it foot in Singapore and is sponsoring our Rock 2 Tree project with a 30m Blue Wing 1 inch line! Andy Tan from Onsight Climbing Gym and I are just going crazy after we received the package from Elephants ! 

Elephant Slacklines are very high quality products that all slackliners trust! They have a range of lines with different width for beginners to super seriously slackliners! Most of the packages features tree wraps and large crank which is useful for tensioning longer lines. Some of the packages even come with anchor tapes with shackles to ensure that your Elephant Slacklines last!

So what are you waiting for? Slackline workshops are conducted in Onsight Climbing Gym next friday 24th Feb and we are using Elephant Slacklines for the work shop! If you can’t wait, I have setup 1 Elephant Slackline in Onsight Climbing Gym with fully padded ground to ensure safety during landing. So get on down to Onsight Climbing Gym to slack away!

If you are looking at getting an Elephant Slackline, place your orders with Onsight Climbing Gym, Andy Tan will be glad to help you with that.

Onsight Climbing Gym is the official distributor for Elephant Slacklines in Singapore.



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