Singaporean of the Day

A while ago, I received a call from Campers’ Corner and they told me to that this guy had this question on how to release his system from the slackline if the Grigri jams up. I thought to myself who in Singapore would have used a Grigri as a braking device for his slackline setup. So I went down to the store and met Issac, a fellow slackliner in Singapore who is slacklining everywhere including during lunch time at his office playground. He loves the sport and hook me up with his girlfriend Siping for a video shoot for slacklining. I thought ok.. why not?

After a little chat they realized I was not only a slackliner and also a rock climber and decided to feature me on both sports in their video production Singaporean of the Day. Well, Singaporean of the Day features not so well known people doing extraordinary things, for my case WEIRD things.

So balancing on a webbing during your free time is weird and rock climbing on a wall for multi days is not exactly what every men would take their wife out for. Its like BMT outfield getting all smelly with piss, sweat and food on your body. You get the idea.

Anyway in the video i was trying to look like Russell from UP.. which happens to be Kelly and my fav cartoon.


Enjoy the short video production!

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