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Qxadventures – Rock Climbing Guide – AMGA Certified Rock Instructor

Qx crack climbing in the High Sierra. Espresso Crack.
Qx crack climbing in the High Sierra. Espresso Crack.


Born: 1982

Hometown: Singapore

Enjoys: Rock climbing, slacklining & videography

AMGA Certified Rock Instructor

SMF Instructor : 8030


Qx is an avid rock climber, slackliner and videographer. A former adventure racer, he made numerous podium finishes in Singapore’s adventure racing scene. He was hooked onto rock climbing when his peers took him to Thailand, Ao Tonsai, for his virgin climbing trip. Since then, he ditched his adventure racing gears and never looked back.

Today, Qx and wife, Kelly Khiew, are the first Singaporean couple to big wall climb in Yosemite ascending El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in 2011. They returned to Yosemite in 2013 and scaled the big walls of Liberty Cap (in 24 hours), Lost Arrow Spire and Leaning Tower. Qx runs regular overseas trad climbing and multi pitch courses and guides all over the world USA, China (Liming), Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Qx is a Certified Rock Instructor from the AMGA and is working to be a Certified Rock Guide and a SPI provider being the first in the region.

Highlights of Climbing Career

  • 2018: FA Hornet Raiders, 5,12 trad
  • 2018: Photo of Kelly on Captain Ahab taken by QX appeared on Rock and Ice Feb 2018 issue page 14
  • 2017: AMGA Certified Rock Instructor
  • 2017: RP The Gill, 5.12a, Boulder Canyon
  • 2017: Onsighted Rincon, 5.11a, Eldorado Canyon
  • 2017: Onsighted Bin Lang Road 5.12b (sports)
  • 2017: Attended AMGA Rock Guide Course
  • 2016: WFR in August
  • 2016: Climbed The Incredible Hulk via Positive Vibration 5.11a
  • 2015: Climbed Coach Demonstrates 5.12b on trad
  • 2015: Climbed The Incredible Hulk via Sunspot Dihedral 5.11b
  • 2015: Climbed Taiwan Down Amigo 5.12c trad
  • 2014: Climbed Salathe Wall on El Cap and Mount Watkins
  • 2014: Climbed Washington Column with 2 Singapore climbers(separate ascent)
  • 2014: Onsights 5.12 trad in China, Liming
  • 2013: First Singaporean Team’s Big Wall ascent of Liberty Cap (in 24 hours), Lost Arrow Spire and Leaning Tower in Yosemite
  • 2011: First Singaporean Team’s Big Wall ascent of El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in Yosemite
  • 2010: Marina Bay Sands Opening Ceremony – World Championship Climb to the Skypark  (1st place)
  • 2010: Singapore Mountaineering Federation, Rock Climbing Instructor
  • 2010: Trained and led a team of 5 Singapore Armed Forces personnel to Yosemite Valley for their first free climb
  • 2009: Selected and attended US Marine Corp Mountain Leader Course
  • 2009: Climbed Mount Shasta alpine-style
  • 2009: Trekked to Everest Base Camp
  • 2005: Ace Adventure Singapore (Men’s Open 1st place)


攀岩 ⋅ž 走绳 ⋅ ž录影

曾庆鑫 (Qx)



专长:攀岩 、走绳、录影、影像编辑



庆鑫是个攀岩与走绳好手,也热衷于录影及编辑影像的工作。曾是越野赛好手的他曾在新加坡国内的比赛荣获数次奖牌。有一年在朋友的陪同下,他初次到泰国Ao Tonsai攀岩,从此对攀岩情有独钟,对攀岩的热爱简直是一发不可收拾。

庆鑫与女友(现任太太),邱嘉莉在2011年顺利攀登美国优胜美地著名的三个大墙 - El Capitan, 半圆丘 (Half Dome) 和Washington Column。在2013年,他们再次回到优胜美地攀登了Liberty Cap,Lost Arrow Spire 和 Leaning Tower大墙,而其中Liberty Cap 是在24小时内完成攀登的。如今,他们是攀登这些大墙的首个新加坡组合。庆鑫每年在海外各国如美国(优胜美地)、中国大陆(黎明)、台湾、香港和马来西亚开办传统攀岩课程(及格的学生可领取新加坡登山协会颁发的证照)和提供向导服务。庆鑫也开办走绳课程,并曾与各活动策划及媒体公司合作主办走绳表演。除了攀岩和走绳,庆鑫也把在学校学的录影及编辑技巧学以致用,为新加坡的几项抱石比赛制作视频,也为国内攀岩运动做出他小小的一份贡献。



2013年:顺利攀登美国优胜美地Liberty Cap(24小时内完成攀登),Lost Arrow Spire 和 Leaning Tower大墙的首个新加坡组合

2011年:顺利攀登美国优胜美地El Capitan, 半圆丘 (Half Dome) 和Washington Column大墙的首个新加坡组合

2010年:新加坡滨海湾金沙酒店开幕庆典的空中花园速度攀岩国际赛 (冠军)



2009年:被录取参加美国海军陆战队(US Marine Corp Mountain Leader)山地领导技能课程



2005年:新加坡Ace Adventure越野赛 (冠军)


2 thoughts on “About | 关于我

  1. Hey! Do you guys have any top roping trips in Taiwan? How much is it for 2?
    My bf and I are decent in rock climbing (Top rope: 5.9 – 5.10. Bouldering: V2- V3. Ice Climbing: Grade 4).
    Wanted to something cool while visiting our family in Taiwan. 🙂
    We are looking at the dates between 3/10- 3/21.

    Many thanks!

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