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At Qxadventures, we strive to offer our clients the best guides and instructors we can. Adopting the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) standards and education is what the company is moving towards, as we look outward to higher quality training. All of our guests have gone through professional training with the AMGA and are AMGA certified instructors. We continue to improve ourselves as climbers and climbing guides to offer an excellent climbing experience to our clients regardless of their climbing experience and abilities.


Rock Climbing Guide, AMGA certified Rock Instructor

Qx guiding at Khao Chin Lae, Central Thailand

Name: Cheang Qing Xin

Hometown: Singapore

Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) Instructor: 8030

Guiding/Climbing Experience:
Qx is an avid rock climber, slackliner and videographer. A former adventure racer, he made numerous podium finishes in Singapore’s adventure racing scene. He was hooked onto rock climbing when his peers took him to Tonsai, Thailand on his first climbing trip. Since then, he ditched his adventure racing gear and never looked back.

Today, Qx and wife, Kelly Khiew, are the first Singaporean couple to complete big wall climbs in Yosemite ascending El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in 2011. They returned to Yosemite in 2013 and scaled the big walls of Liberty Cap (in 24 hours), Lost Arrow Spire and Leaning Tower. Qx runs regular overseas trad climbing and multi pitch courses and guides all over the world USA, China (Liming), Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Qx is a Certified Rock Instructor from the AMGA and is working to be a Certified Rock Guide and an SPI Provider, the first in the region.

Highlights of Climbing Career
2018: FA Hornet Raiders, 5,12 trad
2018: Photo of Kelly on Captain Ahab taken by QX appeared on Rock and Ice Feb 2018 issue page 14
2017: AMGA Certified Rock Instructor
2017: RP The Gill, 5.12a, Boulder Canyon
2017: Onsighted Rincon, 5.11a, Eldorado Canyon
2017: Onsighted Bin Lang Road 5.12b (sports)
2017: Attended AMGA Rock Guide Course
2016: WFR in August
2016: Climbed The Incredible Hulk via Positive Vibration 5.11a
2015: Climbed Coach Demonstrates 5.12b on trad
2015: Climbed The Incredible Hulk via Sunspot Dihedral 5.11b
2015: Climbed Taiwan Down Amigo 5.12c trad
2014: Climbed Salathe Wall on El Cap and Mount Watkins
2014: Climbed Washington Column with 2 Singapore climbers(separate ascent)
2014: Onsights 5.12 trad in China, Liming
2013: First Singaporean Team’s Big Wall ascent of Liberty Cap (in 24 hours), Lost Arrow Spire and Leaning Tower in Yosemite
2011: First Singaporean Team’s Big Wall ascent of El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in Yosemite
2010: Marina Bay Sands Opening Ceremony – World Championship Climb to the Skypark  (1st place)
2010: Singapore Mountaineering Federation, Rock Climbing Instructor
2010: Trained and led a team of 5 Singapore Armed Forces personnel to Yosemite Valley for their first free climb
2009: Selected and attended US Marine Corp Mountain Leader Course
2009: Climbed Mount Shasta alpine-style
2009: Trekked to Everest Base Camp
2005: Ace Adventure Singapore (Men’s Open 1st place)


Rock Climbing Guide, AMGA certified single pitch instructor

Name: Kelly Khiew

Hometown: Singapore

Guiding/Climbing Experience :
Kelly started climbing in Singapore when she joined the rock climbing club in high school in 2001. From competitive bouldering and sport climbing in her early years to trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing now, her all-time goal is to be an all-round climber and excel in various disciplines of rock climbing.

She finds joy and motivation climbing and exchanging beta and with fellow lady climbers. In 2018, she started an all-women climbing program, the Women’s Outdoor Climbing Clinic in Long Dong, Taiwan, the first in the region to encourage women climbers to climb in the outdoors.

Kelly is taking her AMGA Rock Guide Course in September 2019 to further her professional training as a climbing guide.


Guest guide, Amga CERTIFIED ASSISTANT Rock Guide

Ooan on Khao Chin Lae, Central Thailand

Name: Ooan Kongsingh

Hometown: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Guiding/Climbing Experience :
Ooan has been working for more than 10 years as a climbing guide and group program facilitator for Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures.

He has been trained in Thailand as well as in the United States. Since 2015, Ooan is following the AMGA course to become a certified AMGA Rock Guide. This course gave him the opportunity to experience different climbing terrains in the US and perfecting his skills by learning from the best climbing guides in the industry.

His experience with climbers of different abilities, age and culture gives him an unparalleled ability to understand and create your perfect climbing experience.

Ooan has completed both the AMGA Rock Guide Course and Advanced Rock Guide Course, and is looking forward to take his exam to become a AMGA certified Rock Guide.


guest guide, AMGA certified Single pitch instructor

Mervil getting ready for Taiwan Rechao at First Cave, Long Dong

Name: Mervil Patigdas

Hometown: Cebu, Philippines

Guiding/Climbing Experience:
When Mervil transitioned to college, he discovered running. He was not sure if he was running
towards a goal or running away from something. He just ran and he loved it. Then he discovered climbing. For whatever reasons, few years prior to discovering climbing, he signed up for a mountaineering club in his university.

It may have seemed like serendipity. But it was simple probability. He put himself in the path of good things and good things did happen. He spent the first few years of his climbing life learning the ropes. And quickdraws, and belay devices, etc. He forgot to ration his passion.

One day, Mervil just ended up as a climbing guide in Cat Ba, Vietnam. After working with Asia Outdoors for half a year, he hopped on a plane that brought him to Asia Pacific Adventures in Hong Kong. It marked the start of him working seasonal jobs and splitting his time between multiple countries in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. The technical and climbing skills he learned, he brought back to his local climbing community.

The teaching skills learned as a mentor for his local community, Mervil brought into his guiding and teaching jobs. It was a positive loop that accelerated his maturity as a climber and a climbing guide. As he went through peaks and valleys, he found himself staring at another peak: Becoming an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor. Being an AMGA instructor brought him to a new mental state. He learned a lot and discovered that there is so much more that he wants to learn. It is this guided curiosity that defines his path as a freelance outdoor professional.

Mervil is also the author of Cebu Philippines Rock Climbing Guidebook.

2 thoughts on “Our Guides

  1. Hey! Do you guys have any top roping trips in Taiwan? How much is it for 2?
    My bf and I are decent in rock climbing (Top rope: 5.9 – 5.10. Bouldering: V2- V3. Ice Climbing: Grade 4).
    Wanted to something cool while visiting our family in Taiwan. 🙂
    We are looking at the dates between 3/10- 3/21.

    Many thanks!

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