Tech Tips 3: Cleaning a GORE TEX Jacket

After a big winter and spring season, our jackets took a beating from being in dirt, rain and rocks. Apart from the funky smell the jacket is developing, it is also looking dirtier. So I have decided to wash it!


The common argument for GORE TEX Garment is can we wash it? The answer is Yes of course we can and if we do it frequently and correctly, not only will it make your GORE TEX garments last longer, it will also make it perform better, increasing the water repellency of the jacket.

Dirty collar
Stains on the sleeves
The cuffs are also pretty dirty
The mud stains on my Beta SL pants
Water marks on the pants after a year of use

Here’s a step by step guide on how to wash your GORE TEX garments.

Step 1 Zip all the zippers on my Alpha SV and the Beta SL pants and release all elastic bands and cuffs.

Zip it up and release the cuffs

Step 2 Separate the Alpha SV and the Beta SL pants into 2 separate laundry bags. I like separating the items out in case the zippers gets caught during the spinning process.

Separate laundry bag

Step 3 I put the 2 items into my top load washer and pour 3 cups of Grangers’ 2 in 1 Washer and proofer liquid in the washing machine

The dope
Read the instructions!
3 cups of Grangers’ Performance Repel for 2 items

Step 4 Leave the machine on gentle wash and start the process!

Let it wash!

Step 5 Before the wash, I knew my DWR was still in good shape (the water run off the shell in beads and not absorbed in the shell) so I will not treat it with the Grangers’ Performance Repel. If your DWR is worn off, then you will need to reapply the DWR evenly on your damp jacket before the next process. I will pay attention to high wearing areas like the harness/waist area and shoulder backpack straps area.

Step 6 Shake off any excess water in the jackets and pants and leave it in the dryer for 25-40 minutes depending on your dryer. The low heat in the dryer is going to re-activate the DWR treatment on the GORE TEX Garment.

My version of dryer. Who owns a dryer in Singapore anyway? Alternative you can head to the coin laundry!

Note, I do not have a conventional clothes dryer and instead uses a hanging dryer which works very much the same except it does not spin.

There you have it, a step by step guide to washing your GORE TEX garments. Now there is no more reasons to use a dirty and smelly GORE TEX jacket and stop spreading the old wife’s tales of never washing a GORE TEX garment!

Attached below is the official Arcteryx video on washing and waterproofing your GORE TEX garments.

You can buy Grangers’ products here and receive free shipping!


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