Rock 2 Tree Teaser

Its here! We’ve climbed the Rock and the Tree and we are pretty sure the line will go across without a big problem. One dead branch have to go thats all. Its a pretty cool idea, when a rock climber and a tree climber joins venture and put projects together.

Jordan and I met on FC 5 Facebook page when we were looking for places to waterline together. We ended up in a canal in Siglap park connector and the impromptu project ended up  a epic failure!  So we drove around East Coast Park and found this nice gap by the sea and figured that it will be easy to set up. Check out Waterlining with FC 5 for the first successful waterline we had.

It all started when I got Jordan to help me with the rigging for my photo shoot in Diary Farm on my favorite crack line, Super Crack. It was his first time to Dairy Farm and he totally loves it! As we were walking into the crag, I randomly throw out the idea that a slackline could be tied from a rock face to a nearby tree. We loved the idea and got down to business to check out the right spots. Before we knew it, on our second visit to Diary Farm together, we were on it and the video is the results!

First time outdoor climbing and she doesn't mind watching us from the ground and helping us from the ground. Wishing Dion all the best for her ascent on Mount Kenya!
Video guys, we need someone here ! Mail me pls !

Video and photos shot from Gopro Hero

Music by Netsky – I refuse

Edited by Qx – Pixelframes Videos

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