Water Lining with FC 5

Water Lining or Slackline over water, with the cushion of the water, tricks should be easier to execute.. So we thought..

Today i had the opportunity to slack line with the masters of FC 5. FC 5 is a slack line group with members mainly from Singapore Polytechnic. FC 5 stands for Food Court 5 since they started slacklining outside Singapore Polytechnic’s Food Court 5. These boys are amazing trick liners with lotsa tricks to share in their bag. Jordan, tree climber and tree climber manager, got permission from East Coast Park and PUB so our man in blue doesn’t come and disturb us.

Heres some pictures of our session.. Nice day to get wet since the sun is out.. =D

Super Star Randy
Gibbon Lines
Jordan and Randy doing their crazy stuff!
Climbing out of the sea take some skills too!
Showing off while I'm dry!
Pan cake flip !


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