The Nose, El Capitan 5.14a

If you are still wondering whats all these about, all the trad climbing, the ledge sleeping and tons of takun climbing…

Kelly and I bought our ticket to US this Summer! We are leaving on the 12 June ! Yes, We are going on a climbing trip, by far my biggest trip. As the title of the blog suggest, we are going to climb the Captain,

The Nose, 5.14a/ 5.9 C2

Avg time to climb route: 5 days
Approach time: 10 minutes
Descent time: 4 hours
Number of pitches: 31
Height of route: 2900′

The other big routes we gona train on before getting on the Captain,

– Nutcracker, 5.9 Var

– After 7, 5.8

– Skull queen, 5.8 C2

– South Face of Washington column, 5.8 C1

– Leaning Tower West Face, 5.7

– Snake Dike, 5.7R

– Regular Northwest Face, Half Dome, 5.12

– The Nose, 5.14a

Combining crack climbing, hard trad with multi days of climbing, this trip is going to be bad ass. For the committed, not for the faint hearted.

After all these climbing, hopefully we are going to Utah and get some desert climbing. Still undecided on Moab or Zion…Of course we will drop by Doktor Leong’s place to trash his place =)

The Great Roof, 5.13b

4 thoughts on “The Nose, El Capitan 5.14a

  1. “With zero knowledge of crack climbing, aid climbing or big wall climbing, we are heading for a Yosemite experience. It is going to be fun, new, hard, painful sometimes and emotionally intense.

    Adventure…” -Liv Sansoz

    This is so apt!

  2. If you’re sure about coming to UT, we’ll be sure to host you. Not sure how much you can trash my place considering that we’re not too meticulous about cleanliness ourselves.

    Climb safe.

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