2017: Big Walls and Big Balls!

Thanks to Lien for writing this blog. Love reading it. Looking forward to climb with you again sir! NIAD!

Adventures with Lien

Pooping in a harness –welcome to the Big Wall!

Imagine if you will, cocktail in hand, admiring the night city view from the roof-top bar of a two hundred-storey building, perhaps a descendant of one of the modern skyscrapers in Shanghai or Singapore. From this vertiginous height, the cars below are like pin-pricks of light, their meandering paths industriously ant-like in nature.

Then imagine that instead of being safely behind the glass, you’re now on the outside, hanging from a thin rope, 9.8mm across (not even 1cm). The wind is howling, and you can barely hear yourself, much less your climbing partner around the corner. As you look down the dizzying heights, you see the long plunge straight to the ground. Hanging there, your toes are going numb as the harness digs into your waist while you belay your partner. The same harness that you haven’t taken off in…

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Romancing 黎明, Liming, Lao Jun Shan

Nested far in the south west border of China is a quaint little village of Liming. Liming is a village occupied by a minority tribe named Lisu tribe. The tribe is made up of Tibetan Burman ethic group, inhabitants of the mountainous region of Burma, China(Yunnan), Thailand and India. Rich in dance and music culture, the Lisu tribe … Continue reading Romancing 黎明, Liming, Lao Jun Shan