Long Dong winter climbing 2015/16


2015 has passed and it was a big year for us. We got our climbers’ hostel in Long Dong up and running, with phase 2 and 3 of renovation to come in the upcoming year ahead. The entire winter up till the Feb has been great too. We want to thank all the climbers who have come and join us in Taiwan this winter to enjoy what I regard as the true climbing season of Taiwan.

Stephen sending Big Coach Falling as Meiling looks on from below
Guiding Christina in the middle of winter for a day’s outing
IMG_3688 3
Guiding Helen for a day’s of rock climbing before heading to Tonsai for some multi pitch fun!
Shane and Michelle came in Dec for a pre Christmas day trad course or SNCS Rock Level 1

Unlike what most climbers thinks, Long Dong is actually great for climbing in winter, temperatures are low, friction is great and there is absolutely no one out here! Trust the Long Dong locals and get out here more often and you will be surprised. Yes, of course it does rain a little bit more than the summer months but if you are ticking that project of yours, you will want to climb out here when the weather is cooler.

IMG_3587 2
Mr Weng on The Desert 


The winter is mild, with temperatures between 10-20degrees and occasionally there will be a cold front and the temperature dips to single digit. The colder the weather is the less rain you will get. This winter, apart from guiding and teaching courses, Kelly and I also ticked some projects like…


Kelly blasted another 5.12d on sports sending The Desert in this photo


Kelly worked and sent her nemesis The Motorcycle, 5.12c, on 108052 tries. (just kidding)

We hope to see more visitors to Long Dong in Winter next year. Stay tune for Thailand SNCS level 3 post coming up!

Surprise visit from the industry giant Mr Khoo Swee Chiow and family. The same time our climbing friends Alvin, Elisa and Rong hui were out here crushing routes too!
New Year’s eve party with some of our local besties, Japanese crew and Matt Robertson who dropped in for a surprise visit!



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