High Sierra 2016

It has become a pilgrimage to visit the High Sierra yearly for me and Kelly. Ever since the first outing I did with Mike Knarzer to climb the Sunspot Dihedral, I appreciate climbing in the altitude more now. The uncertainty on how I can perform on each climb depends on how well I acclimatise each time … Continue reading High Sierra 2016


Clean on Rap VS Clean on Lower

If you have been following me on Facebook, you would have known I with the help of local champ Xiao Xiang have started to rebolt some anchors in Long Dong, Taiwan with Titan's titanium U bolts. The reason for doing this is simple, UIAA have issued a warning on using stainless steel bolts on sea … Continue reading Clean on Rap VS Clean on Lower

Romancing 黎明, Liming, Lao Jun Shan

Nested far in the south west border of China is a quaint little village of Liming. Liming is a village occupied by a minority tribe named Lisu tribe. The tribe is made up of Tibetan Burman ethic group, inhabitants of the mountainous region of Burma, China(Yunnan), Thailand and India. Rich in dance and music culture, the Lisu tribe … Continue reading Romancing 黎明, Liming, Lao Jun Shan