Captain Ahab, Photo Op

Kelly placing a cam on Captain Ahab in Long Dong Taiwan

Captain Ahab is a short thin traverse on the face of Whale’s Head on the Music Hall sector of Long Dong. Its a face that doesn’t sees a lot of traffic as there isn’t a whole lot of trad climbing community here in Taiwan. It’s nice to know that if you have Captain Ahab as your project, you can almost be sure that no one will be in line to climb next.

Me on Capt Ahab in 2012

A while ago, I have posted the challenge for Kelly to climb Captain Ahab. The first time I took her up Easy Dick’s anchor, she chicken out before stepping off the belay ledge. I told her it was irrational fear and the fall on that route is super safe. However the exposure got to her and she decided it was too much for her.

Cleaning gear for the second attempt

In Feb 2015, when she was back in Taiwan to work on our new Hostel project, The Bivy, 小屋岩, Kelly had some off days and decided to get on the rock with Maurice. According to her, she placed so much gear that she almost felt like she was aiding.


This March, when we got to Taiwan and go climbing on the first day, Kelly hoped on the route and I decided to get the camera on her. Danger decided he wants to get on the route too and came along with us.11076399_10103512319849718_1846756318_o

It was a amazing position to shoot Kelly sending the route and very different from all the photos that was ever taken of this route. Most photos will show the climber climbing out and over the sea, however this photo we took, shows the climber and the entire wall below her. Giving the perspective of how expose the climb is, with no rocks hanging below the feet.

I hope it was a interesting photo for everyone and hopefully this becomes the poster girl photo on Arc’teryx Singapore store!

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