Singaporean of the Day

A while ago, I received a call from Campers' Corner and they told me to that this guy had this question on how to release his system from the slackline if the Grigri jams up. I thought to myself who in Singapore would have used a Grigri as a braking device for his slackline setup. … Continue reading Singaporean of the Day

2013 Qxadventures calendar

  Hey all, Happy New Year and a great 2013 to all reading this. Thanks to everyone's support including the readers, climbers, adventurers and slackliners; has got 10,000 views last year! But most of all I want to thank all those who have joined my trips in one way or another, be it trad,sports … Continue reading 2013 Qxadventures calendar

Winter Hong Kong Trad Climbing Trip!

Hong Kong  Trad Course in Winter ! Winter in Hong Kong! Whip out the soft shells and beanies! No more sticky bodies and sweaty palms.The weather is 15 degrees and get ready for some insane friction. When you are done with climbing, head back into the city for a cup of bubble tea and go … Continue reading Winter Hong Kong Trad Climbing Trip!

Taiwan Summer Trad Climbing 2012

Typhoons, earthquakes and floods hitting Taiwan hard this summer but the awesome climbers from Singapore hit Long Dong even harder! Onsight Climbing Gym and I started working together to get participants for this trip since March and the responds so far is not too bad. The course is usually 4 days, which includes 1st day … Continue reading Taiwan Summer Trad Climbing 2012