2013 Qxadventures calendar

Looking down at Vernal falls inYosemite Valley!
Looking down at Vernal falls in Yosemite Valley!


Hey all, Happy New Year and a great 2013 to all reading this. Thanks to everyone’s support including the readers, climbers, adventurers and slackliners; qxadventures.com has got 10,000 views last year! But most of all I want to thank all those who have joined my trips in one way or another, be it trad,sports or relax one corner climbing trips it was one hell of a 2012!

From the time I started this blog and the time I had my first trad climbing course to Bukit Takun with Dan and Lydia, we have more than 50 trad climbers that came for my course and that could be the largest increase in interest for trad climbing in Singapore ever!

2013 is a year filled with fun many adventures, we’ve got many trips planned for the year!

Jan 2013 – 19th -20th – Sports Level 2 in Batu Caves. (An outdoor level 2 course for those who wants to learn their skills out of the dusty gym with beautiful scenery!)


End Feb 2013 – Beginning Mar 2013 – Dates TBC – Elephant Road Trip and Slackline Festival in Tonsai,Krabi! (Awesome chance for climbers who like slacklining to join us on this trip. The Elephant Team will be driving from Singapore – Krabi, slacklining on the way up and have a 2 day festival with tons of Waterline, Long Line, Beach trick lines and some highline! What better way to start the year!?)

Waterlining across the sea.. Photo taken from http://taooftravis.blogspot.sg/2011/02/last-of-tonsai.html
Waterlining across the sea.. Photo taken from http://taooftravis.blogspot.sg/2011/02/last-of-tonsai.html

May 2013 – Last 2 week of the month – Trad Climbing Taiwan! Do your trad climbing course and climb in the beautiful sea cliff of Taiwan, Long Dong.


June 2013 – August 2013 – Any time in the 3 months – Trad Climbing Yosemite! Grade III, IV multi pitch on classic climbs of the Valley, Big Wall experience on grade V climbs in the mecca of big wall climbing, Yosemite Valley. The biggest trip of the year! And for those who wants to experience a little more than 400-500 feet (sometime 1500feet) of air below you while climbing a giant piece of granite. Trad Climbing at its best in the valley with many activities to do, including trekking, bear watching, water fall climbing, sight seeing and of course ROCK CLIMBING! Not the usual rock climbing you will be experiencing, but rocks you can spend hours and up to days on!


Sept 2013 – Dec 2013 – Any time – Our honeymoon trip to Europe starting from Italy on the Dolomites to France’s Verdon and Spain! Not running trips, but if you are in the area or plans to go to Europe during that time, we will be glad to have you come join us for a climb, highline, slacking or whatever we are doing!


So make your plans for the year! Contact me at 96828340 or email me at qxadventures@gmail.com for a discussion on any of the trips above!

Hike to Half Dome!
Hike to Half Dome!

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