2017 is a special year for us - not only is it our fifth consecutive year in the Valley, we got a third Singaporean up El Cap via The Nose! Although I’m not with the team on the climb, I feel just as excited and proud to witness their ascent. It may not be the … Continue reading AMGA SPI Course

Kick start into 2015!

2014 was an awesome year. I want to thank everyone who have made it such a great year! Especially those who have came for our courses and guided trips in China, Thailand, Taiwan and US. It was great to share climbing knowledge and instructions with you. Moving into 2015 we have many new developments coming up! First … Continue reading Kick start into 2015!

Incredible Hulk – Sunspot Dihedral

The world is small, it is even smaller when it comes to the world of climbers. In 2010, Matt Robertson, author of Long Dong Climbing Guide, put together a team of 21 climbers from all over the world including some big names like, Mayan Gobat Smith, Hazel Finlay and Tim Emmett. Somehow the average Joe, … Continue reading Incredible Hulk – Sunspot Dihedral