Arc’teryx Gamma SL Hybrid Short review

Gamma SL Hybrid review
Gamma SL Hybrid review (photo by Kelly Khiew)

Many things happened this year, some good and some not so good. Well I prefer to move on from the not so good and focus on the good stuff and one of the best things that happened this year was Kelly and I got picked up by Arc’teryx and we are ambassadors for Arc’teryx gears and clothing! How cool is that?

For those who focus on the quality and comfort of Arc’teryx clothing, you will reap the benefits of their high quality products. I was super psych to be at Arc’teryx concept store, 37 Kreta Ayer road, to model many candy colored jackets, rain gears, pants, shorts and ummmhh.. yes shorts!

Gamma SL Hybrid Short
Gamma SL Hybrid Short

Thats probably the most worn piece of clothing in Singapore by male climbers, hikers, picnic goers and just about every male living thing in Singapore. For those who know me, knows that I’m a sweat ball and when I’m rock climbing, I use tons of chalk to keep my hands dry. But that means the sweat is emitted from my back, face, ass, legs and everywhere else. Which is fine but my shirt is always dripping wet and my shorts always looked like I soaked my pants!

My fav belt buckles ever.
My fav belt buckles ever.

This morning, Kay, Kelly and I head to Dairy Farm our climbing back yard to get some Sunday morning climbing going on and I decided to slip into my new Gamma SL Hybrid Shorts. The first thing that struck me was the well designed details of the shorts, cushioned inner lining at the waist, an integrated belt with a buckle that lies flat against the pants making it very comfortable when wearing a harness, well constructed zipped pockets, webbing belt attachment point at the back and of course reinforced ass and legs patches which did not felt like it was there.

Reinforced ass and legs patches
Reinforced ass and legs patches
Climbing this morning at Direct
Climbing this morning at Direct (photo by Kelly Khiew)

The initial feel of the short is light weight and very stretchable. It also doesn’t soak up after climbing like other shorts I have as the DWR finish helps to kick the moisture out really quick. The zipper pocket also allow me to carry my iPhone/ Cliff bar in the pocket on long multi pitches.

Finger cracking it in Dairy Farm
Finger cracking it in Dairy Farm (photo by Kelly Khiew)

Overall the shorts feels great, works well and is probably the most comfortable pair of shorts that I have ever owned. Well, for the only con is the price tag at $195 retail price, is going to put away a lot of climbers who usually goes for cheaper options. However, if price is not your concern, this is a summer warrior piece of gear you must own in your wardrobe!

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