Camera, Lights and ACTION!

The first time I was on TV was for the promotion stunt for Marina Bay Sands Opening Ceremony in 2010. It was a live segment on ESPN and also Channel 8 News. Thats for climbing a building and it felt great to be living in a 5 star hotel for the duration of the event, jumping into the sky pool with a chalk bag and drinking free flow of whisky on the sky deck in my prana shorts.

This time i got a call from Swee Shia, from Haha productions and she talked to me briefly on the phone about slacklining in Singapore. At first we were thinking that its not really possible that Channel U will be interested to feature us since the sports is not really that mainstream in Singapore. Well, after 3 weeks not hearing from them, I kinda of forget that its happening since i was busy preparing for my wedding in Dec. Then came a call, looking for locations where we could film and also fixing a date and time for it. So the day was set on after Kelly and I return from our wedding party in Krabi. Right off the plane and we are going to be slacklining for the camera!

The rest that happened was great, the Elephant boys and gals did a great job for the film crew, the host were sporty to actually try slacklining and I had to brush up my mandarin!


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