SlackFest 2013

As promised in the calendar of 2013 on, Elephant Slacklines Singapore brings you Slackfest 2013!!

Tonsai Poster 3

So what is Slackfest 2013 all about? Its an event for slackliners from our region to gather in this rock climbing mecca and do what they love doing most, Slackline! As we all know Singapore is a land of restrictions, trees belongs to Nparks, water belongs to PUB and when all those are out of the way, the men in blue will come along and say you are causing a nuisance to the public.

So Slackfest 2013 is about slackliners who wants to setup their waterline, highline, tricklines, beerlines or what kind of lines you can think of at the beautiful Ao Tonsai, Krabi, Thailand! Be sure that you slackline will be very welcome in this little layback rock climber’s haven.

Ao Tonsai !
Ao Tonsai ! (From my Lomo 135BC)

Tonsai is a Penisular just few hundred KMs from Sadao borders of Malaysia and Thailand. The penisular is filled with climbers from all over the world, there are steep limstone towers growing out from the beach and sea like castles. Rocks jut out of the sea to act as anchors and the deep cool sea water as the cushion for a perfect water line! There are loads of high points waiting to be explored and bolted as high lines. At night, the bars by the beach lights up, serving a deadly concoction of Samson and Coke in buckets. In the bars slackline parties continues as nearly all the bars in Tonsai spots a slackline! A perfect dream for a true slackline lover!

Map of Thailand from Sadao - Tonsai
Map of Thailand from Sadao – Tonsai

Elephant Slacklines Singapore is going on a road trip from Singapore to Ao Tonsai on their shitty car and hopes to make it to Tonsai in one piece! Along the way, ESS will be stopping in various parts of Malaysia and Thailand to slackline and spread the love of slacklines around. ESS ETA at Tonsai is 28th March 2013 and we hope to see as many people there as possible.

So how is the event going to be like ?

BYOL means Bring Your Own Line! Take your kit along and board on that plane. ESS will be setting up waterlines over various locations in Tonsai, Railey and Pra Nang beach and everyone is welcome to come hop on the lines.

The meeting point everyday will be at Tonsai Basecamp and all information will be spotted on the Notice board of Tonsai Basecamp. So if you are around the area, pop by the evening of 28th Feb 2013 and see where and when we are heading out for the following day! Transport can be by boat, kayak or even swimming. So come join us for some fun filled action!

Who : Anyone who is interested in doing some wild and crazy stuff on slackline

What : SlackFest 2013

When : 1st March 2013 – 2nd March 2013

Where : Thailand, Krabi, Ao Tonsai. Basecamp Tonsai.

Basecamp Tonsai
Basecamp Tonsai


Rooms at Basecamp for rent
Rooms at Basecamp for rent

Information on getting there

If you are flying in from Singapore, take Tiger Airways, which is the only flight that departs Singapore and arrive in Krabi airport direct. Once you get off Krabi airport immigrantion, you will see a buffet of transport, from taxis, 11 seater vans, private cars and bus. Taxi cost about 500-600baht to get to Ao Nang or Ao Nang mile. From there you can take a boat over to Ao Tonsai which cost about 100baht. If you arrive later than 6pm you will need to wait for at least 6 person before the boat will leave and the price is at the boatman’s mercy. Once you arrive at Tonsai, ask anyone on how do you get to Basecamp Tonsai, they will be glad to show you the way and from there you can make arrangements for your accommodations and other climbing/slacklining needs.


Map of Tonsai Basecamp
Map of Tonsai Basecamp

Information of Ao Tonsai

Tonsai on first look is a dirt bag climbers heaven, where cheap accommodation and cheap booze (cheap compared to Singapore) is available everywhere. That’s the thing of the past, now with Tonsai Bay resort and Dream Valley resort around, you can see 2 resorts that stands out from the array of huts and bungalow (thats what the locals calls it) Hell yeah Dream Valley resort even have a swimming pool!

Still its pretty basic place, thats more like a village, without electricity from 6am – 7pm and non portable water from the tap. There’s no bell boy to carry your Samsonite suitcase from the long tail boats too. So bring a bag pack just in case its low tide and you have to walk 200m of muddy beach before reaching the sandy paths. You will also want to take your mozzie sprays along, as mozzies are the number 1 killers in Tonsai. Once after 6pm, they come out in battalions, armed with special forces instinct, kill or be killed mentality, you will be sure that you want them out of your room at that hour.

Wooden Rooms at Mambo Beach front
Wooden Rooms at Mambo Beach front

Water in Tonsai is non portable so remember to only drink bottled water. The last thing you want is to stay in the sea the whole day pooing your day away, while others are having their fun on the slackline. Food poisoning is real and many people gets that at least once visiting Tonsai so get those charcoal tablets ready and drink only bottle water and eat at reputable stores like Mambo beach resturant !

Close up view of Ex Dream valley huts
Close up view of Ex Dream valley huts

Information on the event

Elephant Slacklines will go to every bar on Tonsai and put up a Elephant Slackline! Following that we will head out to the sea and looking for some nice good water gaps in those rocks and go trick water lining! Time to dial in those back flips!
At night, we will gather at bars and chill out while having fun on slacklines. With attractive prizes to be won during our Beerlining competition! The winner is the one who can drink the most beer on the slackline without falling off!

Basically just bring your line, join us if you want or simply put up your slackline wherever you want. Who knows we might come and join you too!

So grab those flight tickets now, Tiger airways tickets are as cheap as $200 return and low season prices might apply at the beginning of March. So what are you waiting for? Get a fun filled weekend this March 2o13 with Elephant Slacklines Singapore !

Waterlining across the sea.. Photo taken from
Waterlining across the sea.. Photo taken from

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