Rock 2 Tree Round 1

Round 1 is photo op, Where we hang photographers and videographers up in the air and shoot photos of the event. Go for a jog, walk, cycle, climb, boulder, tree climb or just come by for picnic and watch us hurling ourselves off the one inch slackline 25m from the ground..

If you are interested to try out slacklining, Elephant slackline team  will have lines setup at 50cm off the ground for everyone to test it out and play! So do come by and pick up a can of Red Bull and slackline with us!

Guest list – You!

Event – Rock 2 Tree (Photo Shoot/making of)

Venue – Dairy Farm (The Nose)

Timing – 31st Mar 0800hrs – 1st Apr 1200hrs

Come support our slackline community to get the first ever highline in Singapore up. This is also the the first Rock face to Tree project going around for the slackline community!

The line to be set across
The plan

Photos for sponsors for the project..
Putting the Sponsorship team together
All the hard work and we are only in the beginning!

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