Elephant Slacklines @ Chits Bar with UWC

10am at Chits Bar @ 11 Changi walk

UWC east campus invited Elephant Slacklines to their circus team weekend hangout. Not knowing what to expect, we just put up the event on Elephant Slacklines Singapore’s Facebook page and hopefully someone comes along and enjoy the morning of slacklining.

It was a pleasant surprise when Lavina and Alvin drove into the carpark almost the same time as me. When we got into the bar, the place was filled with UWC students and parents! There were slacklines, uni cycles, juggling, fire poi and many more. It was amazing as i have never seen kids so involved in such activities.

Elephant Slacklines Singapore dived into action and set up a 20m Blue wing in the middle of the little garden and everyone including the parents were firing it up on the lines! Check out the time lapse i shot below.

Many thanks to great weather, Louis and Chits Bar for allowing such events to take place! Can’t wait for more to happen! Next up Rock 2 Tree!

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