Highline Preparations

Following the meeting with Red Bull Singapore, Arcteryx and Camper’s Corner for our Rock 2 Tree project, we are pushing things on overdrive to get the highline project done.

Onsight Climbing Gym gave us the space from the abseil tower to one of the structures in the venue to rig our highline and practice falling, mounting and basically getting the length of the lanyard right. I was the crash dummy since i rig the ropes in the tower side and Jordan (iClimbinc.com) got the dirty job of climbing the structures and rigging the other end of the slackline.

Equipment we used,

– Elephant Slacklines Blue Wing 30m

– Semi static and backup safety ropes

– ISC rated 25kn rings

– Dynamic ropes as lanyards

– Shackles and quick links for connectors

The main aim was to rig a highline with all safety doubled up and I think we are quite successful at that at the end of the day! Enjoy the photos thats the result of our little 3 hour session in Onsight Climbing Gym.

Qx, Fal and Jordan in preparation
Jordan getting the dirty job!
Focus is the key to highlining, check out Fal working on getting on the line..
Not too high but high enough to make you a little nervous.. Rig at 12m the line is pretty short but enough to get the job done...

Photos by Marx (Canon 7D)

Photos by Qx (Gopro)

Special thanks to Onsight Climbing Gym for providing the venue and Arcteryx for pre highlining drinks !