MIR Sports level 2 @ Onsight!

Its great to share trad climbing but its even better when i get to share lead climbing with adventurous new blood like the MIR group from NUS!

The person who made it all possible and happening is … Jolene! My sports level 1 student!

8 people from MIR attended the course and it was this lady who put the team together! *Claps Claps*

Second place goes to Dexter for being the greatest cam whore during the Sports level 2 course!

The man who is late on both days of the course! NIC ! 2m tall dude and i have to stand on the stairs to talk to him =D

This is the lovely couple.. always romancing everywhere they go! Arpi sweating it out on his first successful lead & Agnes going hard on the pink route!

The 2 ladies who braved it and held up to the challenge Sam and Aruna. Sam is the adventurous one who wants to do everything in the 2 days and Aruna is the quiet and calm one. Great job ladies!

Last but not least, Mr Crazy Glenn who enjoys taking lead falls. He will take multiple falls and put his belayer to the test even though when i said we just need one fall. =)

Overall great job for these guys and girls who learned really fast and tries very hard to not fall asleep during my boring explanations on fall factors and topping out. Looking forward to see you in June or Nov for Rock level 1!

Heres the rest of the photos..

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