2011 Instructor Training Course, Assessment and Rock Level 1 in Petchaburi, Thailand

You must be wondering what kept me busy since my blog is empty most of the time since i came back from Krabi.

Mr Lim Kim Boon and I just finished conducting a round of Rock Instructor Training Course, Rock assessment and Rock level 1 course in Petchaburi, Thailand. With more than 10 rock level 1 courses under my belt, conducting ITC and assessment is another ball game.

This is the second ITC I have conducted with Kim Boon and it proves that I have much to learn other than technical skills. This ITC is a powerhouse course with 2 Everest submitters, Joanne Soo and Edwin Siew; Fish from Climb Asia and Hee Fook Wah from Republic Polytechnic. Its not everyday you get these people sit around and listen to you talk =D


Our Mini Bus and the ITCers!

 It was a good experience to take a break from teaching basic course and move on to high speed stuff. It seems like if the responds is good this could an yearly event. =D

The second group arrived in Petchaburi just 3 days later and I took care of the 3 ladies for Rock Level 1 with the help of 4 trainee instructors. It seems like instructor to trainee ratio is kinda overpowering but it was surely a fruitful course since there is so many experiences from all walks of life.

Sheng Jiao in action!

With 2 ladies from NUS’s MIR club and Lihui from the Singapore Women’s Everest Team, learning curve is sharp and the ladies were soon leading the climbs under the trainee instructors’ supervision. Good job ladies, you were working it out on the walls!

Mr Hee showing his stuff on Anchors!
Weijie getting ready for his assessment

While the Rock level 1 is going on, Kim Boon is running the assessment for the 5 instructors. I had the chance to pop in and help out to do some assessment under the close supervision of Kim Boon. For the 1 week in Petchaburi, I was lucky to get the chance to do all these in one go and it was a eye opener for me.

For the instructors who passed their assessment, great job on the test! ITC trainee instructors hope to see you next year for assessment and keep practicing! To Sheng Jiao, Yujia and Lihui, welcome to the world of trad climbing! Keep on climbing!

Next up.. Taiwan Trad Climbing! Stay tune!

Everyone is having fun!

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