6 Days to Paradise..

We have exactly 6 days before we get on the 20 hrs flight to Los Angeles and 6 hours drive to the Valley. Its such a surreal experience, going back to the Valley for 3rd consecutive years. Of course as each year pass, our heart becomes greedier and starts to looks for bigger and longer climbs. I could still remember my first visit to the Valley was a mere 1.5 days visit, thinking that i wouldn’t ever have a chance to visit Yosemite in my life again, i was proud to at least put in a few climbs on gears that i loan from random climbers I met on the wall.

For the last 6 months, a lot of training and effort has gone into preparing Kelly and I for this trip. I hope all that we have done is enough and hopefully will take us safely and successfully up El Cap, Half Dome and every other wall we going to climb.

Heres the mess in my room 6 days before flying off.. Portaledge, Cams, nuts, shoes, helmets, poo bags, zip locks, topos, utensils and u name it we’ve got it.

Mess !

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