Finishing Unfinished business

It was a fast and furious weekend in KL. Picked Kelly up from T1 on Thursday evening and we were off to KL for another round of ‘Pre El Cap’ training session in KL. This time Kelly just returned from Arapiles, fresh from the oven with a bag full of trad sends from down under!

This time Kelly gets the slimy first pitch.(Photos from my Iphone 4).

I did P2 and dumbly brought 6 quickdraws and a full rack with me. Ended up skipping 2 bolts and using 3 snap links in place of quickdraws since its a sports pitch.

Kelly did P3, the wide crack pitch.. this time a little wiser with a Camalot 3 and 4 and some Hex.

Thinking that i was not far from the top, i did P4 and P5 trying to gun for the top in 2 long push, however i was stopped by some falling rock after P4 as i went off route. Kelly did a short P6 and we were on the top!

View from our top anchor.

We established 2 more anchors on this line we took. Not sure if we climbed Pussy Key as we couldn’t find any anchors after P4 but the rocks towards the top of of the climb is not as good as the bottom. We still got good crack lines on top but some of the rocks are pretty sharp and some are loose.

Nonetheless it was a great climb and of course very good exercise for the both of us, pulling ropes, hauling bags and trad climbing.

The rest of the photos are the courses i conducted with Camp 5 and ClimbAsia over the Good Friday and Labour Day weekend. =)

Thanks to Gri, Fish, KS and Jun Jie who have attended the session either at Camp 5 or Bukit Takun. Im sure you will find the skills u picked up useful and open up more avenue in climbing.

Cheers All!

Trad Forever !

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