Many updates.. no time to blog….

2nd of the 2 attempts on Tomahawk ( With Zhen Xin as my faithful belayer) =)

Just got back from Petchaburi, Thailand on Sat morning. I was there for about a week to assist Kimboon run a rock ITC for some guys together. And of course there is some sport routes in that area. I can’t resist the smell of bolts and sneak in some lunch training.

Heres the list of route i did,

Countdown 2000 – 7a OS

Raindance  – 7b OS

Made in Japan – 6c OS

Tomahawk – 7c/8a (2 attempts on the last day)

Jessica – 6a TR

Very decent climbing list considering the amount of time we had there. Of course we were trad climbing a alot on 5 and some 4th class terrain. The place has got awesome weather and of course some good food near where we stayed. The best part is, the walk from car to crag is like 1 minute! Great!

Assisting Kimboon to conduct the ITC is another ball game. It was a very good refresher and  also gave me a chance of teach something which i have never taught before.

Watch out for trad climbing courses conducted in Petchaburi next year =)

Zhen Xin on trad gears

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