Bukit Takun Trad Trip Video!

Ever since I came back home from Bukit Takun,I’ve been climbing too little and doing too much admin work. So i decided to clear the list-of-things-to-DO since i got a flapper on my toe and i cant climb for at least a week. So here we have, the Bukit Takun Trip Video.

The whole video was shot in Go Pro Hero HD, a helmet mount camera that Kelly bought for me on my bird Day. Yes, so Sweeeet! I love that camera, its so light, waterproof, wide angle lens and HD! I shoot with this camera more than any of my cameras now. Im not afraid of trashing it and if i do the casing is 30USD. =D


Next Bukit Takun Trad Trip, is in Jan! Check out CA website to register!


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