Rock Climbing Courses

Introduction to Trad Climbing (On request)

Not sure what trad climbing is all about? Want to try it out before heading overseas to get yourself certified? Then Introduction to Trad Climbing session is for you! No lead climbing in this course but loads of gear placement with the safety of top rope. No boring lessons and lots of fun before the day ends!

Duration – 1/2 day introduction course.

Pre-requisite – SNCS Sports level 1/Top roping + belaying skills

SNCS Rock Level 1

Learn to lead climb on single pitch trad routes. This course will focus on placing gears, lead climbing and anchor building for top rope. After the course you will acquire the skills to lead climb single pitch trad routes safely.

SNCS certification course. Rock climbing level 1 certs will be given out upon successful completion.

Duration – 2 days (Leading climbing)

Pre-requisite SNCS Sports Level 2/lead climbing experience

Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing (SNCS Sports Level 3)

More Lead Climbing practice, practice Mock Multi pitch, learn Advance Anchors Building and eventually climb a multi pitch route in a established trad climbing area and enjoy the breath taking views from the top. Experience new climbing techniques, jamming on various sizes of cracks and simple aiding techniques. More pitches of climbing = more fun

Duration – 3-5 days

Pre-requisite – Sports level 2 or lead climbing

Lead climbing course(SNCS level 2) / Lead climbing improvement classes

No matter if you are experienced indoor lead climber or aspiring lead climber interested in climbing outdoors. Our small group sized workshops and courses will help you make the transition from indoors to outdoors. Working on route finding, climbing techniques and lead climber’s knowledge/skills. You will become a confident lead climber in a outdoor environment after the course!

Duration – 4-5 days

Pre-requisite – Sports level 1 or Basic belay

Big Wall Climbing Trips

From Yosemite big wall climbing to trad climbing in China we can organize and guide you along the way, making the trip smooth and hassle free.

Yosemite big wall trips – will see you climbing a grade V wall (2 days 1 night). Experience life on the wall and living life on the edge.

Trad climbing trips to Lao Jun Shan, China sees some of the most interesting features in the world! Red sandstone with soaring cracks of all sizes makes you look at climbing from another perspective. Learn to jam cracks, place gears and climb efficiently in Lao Jun Shan!


26 thoughts on “Rock Climbing Courses

    1. Hi Gen, There will not be any trad course this year since I’m in Europe looking for more exciting places for the coming year! Next trad course should be in 2014 Feb-March period. Cost will depend one which country it will be in. Usually Taiwan courses starts from $600 onwards.

      1. Hi Gen, yes we can’t do trad climbing courses in Singapore due to lack of cracks and good rocks that new trad climbers needs. But the good news is, Taiwan is only 4.5 hours away and courses usually run between Friday to Monday or Thursday to Sunday. So it should be 2 days leave from work and 4 days out in the rocks.

        If you want to stay on and do more climbing after the course it can be arranged and we can take you to climb some really good stuff!

      2. Hi Gen,it includes your land transfer,breakfast, ccommodation, trad gears and certification. Flight, Food, Shopping and booze not included.

  1. Hello QX,

    I would love to attend a Rockclimbing Level 1 course. So far, the comments I have observed seem to be talking about the “trad course”. Is there any chance that you would be coinciding the Traditional Climbing course and the Rockclimbing Level 1? Or if not, when will there be a Rockclimbing Level 1 course in 2014? I am sure you need to have a minimum number so in that sense, I’m in already!

    Thank you and hope you are having a blast of a time in Europe!

    1. Hi Elton,

      Trad course we refer here is the SNCS Rock Level 1. Where SNCS Rock Level 1 is suppose to be the correct course title, it is pretty vague and people may think they are coming to do just bolted rock climbing or something.

      But yes, Trad Course or SNCS Rock Level 1 will be going on in the beginning of 2014 most likely in Taiwan over a few weekends where you fly in Thursday evening and back to Singapore on the Monday evening. Usually takes about 4 days in Taiwan to get the course over and clock some climbing in.

      I will be looking forward to see you soon for trad climbing!


      1. Hi QX,

        Thank you for the reply. I look forward to the course then! Please drop me an email as soon as you have some sort of confirmation! Thanks!


      1. Thanks QX! Checking my schedule already and will get back to you again. Cheers and Merry Christmas too!

  2. Hi,
    I’m interested in the Rock Climbing Level 1 too! is it certified? Please keep me updated on next year’s schedule! (:


    1. Hi, currently ClimbAsia is not organising Introduction to Trad climbing anymore. However, we have trad courses in March/ April in China Lijiang and May in Taiwan. For prices for it depends on your itinerary, do drop me a mail at to discuss more about your upcoming trad trip.


    1. Hi Rina,

      There isn’t a public SNCS Sports level 2 course I run in the gym. Private courses are available between May 12-30th in Singapore.

      If you want to get out here to Taiwan for a holiday and a climbing weekend, I run SNCS sports level 2 outdoors here in Taiwan here too. Do email me at for itinerary.

  3. Hi,

    Do you have a date schedule and list of prices for the single pitch lead climbing courses and locations please?

    Mr K

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